About the Normal School Nonfiction book Series

The Normal School Nonfiction Series from Outpost19 will publish compelling and thought-provoking books of creative nonfiction, essay, and literary journalism. We are particularly interested in immersive and reportage based writing, socio-cultural and political criticism, pop culture analysis, and essayistic prose that artfully blends the personal and public. We are also interested in lyric essays, hybrid nonfiction, research-driven memoir, and the sort of engaging and eclectic nonfiction writing we regularly publish in our literary magazine partner, The Normal School. We also hope to publish books by diverse, historically under-represented, and/or marginalized voices.

For now, our goal is to publish one book a year and give it sustained marketing and PR attention combined with author promotion through The Normal School’s online and print platforms. This may involve interviews, excerpts, and “reader’s guides,” integrated with AWP exposure. Outpost19 will publish the selected title each year as part of its seasonal list, providing sell-in to distributors and sales reps, bookseller trade show exposure, ARC mailings to reviewers and booksellers, advertising to the book trade, and social media support.

Series Editor, Steven Church, is the author of six books of nonfiction, most recently the collection, Ultrasonic: Essays, the book-length essay, One with the Tiger: Sublime and Violent Encounters Between Humans and Animals and the Outpost19 collection, I’m Just Getting to the Disturbing Part: On Work, Fear, and Fatherhood. He also edited the forthcoming nonfiction anthology, The Spirit of Disruption: Selections from The Normal School, also from Outpost19, and he is a founding editor and nonfiction editor for The Normal School. He coordinates the MFA Program at Fresno State and teaches for the Low-Res MFA at Sierra Nevada College.  

The Normal School: a Literary Magazine celebrates its 10th year of publishing in 2017-18 and in just a decade, it has become one of the top journals in the field of creative nonfiction, garnering 30 “Notable” inclusions in the Best American Essays since 2010 alone. BAE series editor, Robert Atwan has called the magazine “indispensable for anyone interested in new directions in the contemporary essay.” TNS was also named one of the top 10 markets for nonfiction in the entire country and featured in a Buzzfeed article titled “29 Amazing Literary Magazines You Should Be Reading Now.” Known for our cutting edge nonfiction and striking visual design, The Normal School will serve as a primary partner for the series, providing a resource not only of potential contributors but also support staff for production, marketing, and promotions.

Advisory Board:

Robert Atwan, Sophie Beck, Hattie Fletcher, Jeffery Gleaves, Kerry Howley, Ander Monson, Dinty W. Moore, Kristen Radtke, Matt Roberts, Emily Smith, Jerald Walker, and Steve Woodward